Australian Skilled Migration

Australia is seeking professionals for various occupations available in their country. Also Australia has introduced a points based migration system where each applicant will be ranked under the points they receive and will be requested to apply for the permanent residency accordingly.


SOL stands for Skilled Occupation Lists. For you to apply for an independent or family sponsored points tested visa or for a temporary graduated (subclass 485) – Graduate work stream visa you have to recommend for a job which is listed under the Skilled Occupations Lists (SOL).

For the applicants who are willing to go through a skills assessment as a part of their visa application must contact a relevant skills assessing authority straightly to obtain their skills assessment. The relevant assessing authority will provide the needed application forms and related information linking to the assessment.


CSOL stands for Consolidated Sponsored Occupations Lists. If a state or territory nominate you for a direct entry stream employer nomination scheme visa, a temporary work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457) or a training and research visa (Subclass 402) you should propose for a job from the Consolidated sponsored Occupations Lists (CSOL).

The applicants who require a skills assessment as a division of their Visa application should contact a relevant authority directly to get hold of a skills assessment. The assessing authority you contacted will provide the essential application forms and associated information allied to the assessment.

Total Points : 0
Age group

English language competency level

Overseas skilled employment in nominated skilled occupation or a closely related skilled occupation, at time of invitation

Australian work experience in nominated occupation or a closely related occupation

Educational qualifications, at time of invitation

Australian study qualifications, at time of invitation
Other factors, at time of invitation Credentialled community language qualifications

Nomination/Sponsorship, at time of invitation Nomination by State or Territory government
(visa subclass 190 only)