The University of Adelaide

The University of Adelaide (colloquially Adelaide University or Adelaide Uni) is a public university in Adelaide, South Australia. Established in 1874, it is the third oldest university in Australia.

Faculties in this University,

Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences - Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science, Bachelor of Computer Science (Advanced), Bachelor of Engineering (Architectural), Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical - Minerals Processing), Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical - Sustainable Energy), Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical), Bachelor of Engineering (Civil & Structural), Bachelor of Engineering (Civil and Environmental), Bachelor of Engineering (Computational)

Faculty of Health Sciences - Dentistry, Health Sciences, Medicine, Nursing, Oral Health, Psychology.

Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences - Arts, Development Studies, Education, Environmental Policy and Management, Indigenous Programs, International Studies, Media, Music, Social Sciences.

Faculty of the Professions - Architecture and Built Environment, Business, Economics & Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Law

Faculty of Sciences -Agriculture, Science

Adelaide regularly achieves an excellent ranking as Australia's most affordable mainland capital city. In particular, the costs of accommodation and transportation are significantly less than in Sydney or Melbourne.

City - Adelaide

State – South Australia

Climate - 16°C - 29 °C

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