HNB Student Loans

The HNB FUTUR+ Higher Educational Loans Scheme supports your pursuit of excellence with local and foreign Educational Institutes or Universities to gain an academic or professional qualification. Loans can be applied for, in the name of the student or jointly with a co-borrower:

Who can apply for a "FUTUR +" Educational Loan?

1. Students below 18 years of age following academic studies at local and international schools.
2. Students who are following professional study programmes at local educational institutes such as CIMA, CIM, ACCA, CFA, AAT & CA etc.
3. Students following foreign undergraduate and post graduate degree programmes at Local Higher Education Institutes in the areas such as Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, Hospitality Trade, IT, Business Management, Law etc.
4. Students seeking foreign university placements in various fields as mentioned under point 3 above through local agents/institutes.

HNB offers its customers very attractive and competitive, fixed or floating interest rates with the flexibility to best suit your needs. Opt for floating interest rates and your interest payment will be based on the going market rate which is subject to a quarterly review.

For what purposes the loan can be obtained under the Educational requirement?

  • For locally conducted educational courses - Registration, Tuition and Exam Fee
  • For courses conducted abroad - Registration, Tuition, Examination and Hostel/Living expenses

What is the Eligibility Criteria of a student?

  • Loans can be in the name of the student/professional or jointly with a co-borrower to support repayment.
  • Requirements of a minor to be considered in the name of the parent/guardian

What is the Eligibility Criteria of a Co-borrower?

  • -Parents of the students who are permanent staff employed in the capacity of "Executives" in organizations of sound repute with good financial standing, high net-worth individuals, Senior officers of Government Institutions with 5 years work experience and minimum of one year in the current place of work.

  • -Registered businessmen such as Sole-proprietors, Partners, and Directors of reputed firms with good financial standing. The business should have been registered at least for a period of 5 years.

  • -Minimum monthly net salary/income should be in the region of Rs.30, 000- and above.

  • Ability to arrange employers undertaking to forward salary/agreed amount to the bank account monthly.
  • -Age Limit - 18 – 50 Years (Loan to be settled in full within the retirement age)

Living Cost Chart

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