Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

It is an Australian university of technology and design based in Melbourne, Victoria.

RMIT was founded in 1887 by grazier, politician and public benefactor the Hon. Francis Ormond—as the Working Men's College of Melbourne. Its foundation campus is located in Melbourne City, and is a contiguous part of the northern area of the city centre.

Course in this University,

Health and medical sciences - biomedical science, complementary medicine, dental studies, disability studies, laboratory medicine and pathology, medical radiations, nursing and allied health, midwifery, occupational health and safety, pharmaceutical sciences, pharmacy, psychology, exercise and sport science and physical education.

Art and design degree - Advertising, Animation, Architecture, Games and interactive media, Graphic and communication design, Fashion, Fine and visual art, Furniture, Industrial and product design, Interior design, Photography, Textiles, Urban design.

Business - Accounting, Advertising, Business information systems and management, Business information technology, Economics and finance, Entrepreneurship, , Management, business and administration, Marketing, Professional communication.

Computing and information technology - Business information systems and management, Business information technology, Computer and network engineering, Computer science, Computing studies, Games and interactive media, Information security, Information technology, Software engineering.

Engineering - Aerospace engineering and aviation, Automotive and mechanical engineering, Biomedical engineering, Chemical and biochemical engineering, Civil engineering, Computer and network engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic and communications engineering, Engineering management, Environmental engineering, Mechatronics and manufacturing systems engineering, Renewable energy engineering, Surveying and geospatial science.

Science - Applied science, Biotechnology and biological sciences, Chemistry, Environmental science, Food science and technology, Mathematics, Nanotechnology, Physics, Statistics and analytics, Surveying and geospatial science.

Justice and legal – Justice, Legal policy and administration.

In this University the courses are constantly updated to meet the changing needs of business and the broader community, and to provide students with specialised content relevant to professional and personal success in a rapidly-changing world. Whatever your reason for study, RMIT has a course to suit your needs.

City – Melbourne

State- Victoria

Climate - 14°C - 25°C

Living cost

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